Operation instruction and maintenance management for vertical bucket elevator


Vertical bucket elevator is widely used for vertical transportation of various scattered materials. Here PK Machinery will share some notes about operation instruction and maintenance management.The use of vertical hoist should follow the principle of "check before operation, observation during operation, maintenance after operation".
(1)Operation should be subject to the principle of "no-load start-up and shut-down ", that means start up first, feed material after normal operation, observe in operation. Before shut-down, the material inside the bucket elevator machine should be emptied.  
(2)When working, the feeding should be uniform and the discharge pipe should be smooth so as not to cause blockage. If there is any blockage, the feeding should be stopped immediately and shut down the machine, open the switch plug board, remove the blockage. Notice that you can't put your hand directly into the base at this time.  
(3)During normal operation, the bucket belt should be in the middle of the barrel, if there is any deviation or looseness of bucket belt causing the bucket and barrel collision friction, please timely adjust the tension device.
(4)Prevent large foreign objects from entering the bucket elevating equipment base, so as not to break the buckets and affect the normal work of the bucket elevator. If the conveying material that is without cleaning , the steel grid and net should be installed at the inlet to prevent straw, rope and other fibrous impurities into the base causing winding and blockage.
(5) Regularly check the tension degree of bucket belt of belt bucket elevator, whether the connection between bucket and belt is strong, if we find loose or falling off, bucket skewness and breakage, we should timely repair or replace it, so as to avoid more serious consequences.
(6) If the sudden shutdown occurs, the stored materials in the bucket elevator should be discharged before shutting up the machine.
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