Operation Tips of rotary vibrating sieve


Rotary vibrating sieve is designed as a high-precision screening machinery and it is is widely used in many industries, covering food, chemical, ceramic, metallurgy, pollution treatment and so on, dealing with various kinds of materials.
1, after rotary vibration sieve installation is completed, please put into some materials to test the machine, make sure installation is no problem that can complete the screening work,then start formal production;  
2, the screen mesh is a more important part of vibration screening equipment, which plays a decisive role in precision and the screening efficiency, so please check whether there is damage to the screen tension, etc.
3, rotary vibration screen is rely on vibration motor as a power source, so the vibration of the motor is also very important, users should regularly check the motor so as to avoid the lack of oil wear, and even burn;
4, always check whether the rotary vibration screening equipment connecting parts are loosening, such as ring bolt, anchor bolt, should be regularly checked, fastening the rotary vibration sieve parts;
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