Plate chain bucket elevator working components main features


Plate chain bucket elevator is used for vertically transporting powder, granular and block material , and also high grinding material , such as coal powder, slag , limestone , cement, coal , dry clay etc , material temperature is less than 250℃. Max. lifting height can be 40m.
1.Upper device: install the track (Double row, to prevent the chain swinging,install a backstop, to prevent hopper reversal, provided a rubber plate for discharge outlet to prevent the return of material.
2. Middle section: part of the sodium carbonate plate chain bucket elevator middle section is provided with the track (double section) to prevent chain swinging during operation, inspection window for repairing.
3. Lower device: install the tension device, NE15~NE50 uses spring tension, NE100~NE800 uses heavy weight tension.
4. Upper and lower sprocket wheel adopts ZG310-570. integral sprocket tooth surface quenching and tempering, HB229-269 HRC40~48.
5. Plate chain: chain plate adopts 45 # HRC36~42.
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