Common Fault Phenomenon,Possible Cause And Handling Method of Ultrasonic Rotary Vibrating Screen


no Fault phenomenon Possible cause Handling method
1 After open the power switch, ultrasonic power no display, ultrasonic generator does not work. 1.The power supply without power 2.The power cord break. 3.Resonant power supply insurance tube burn out. 4.Resonant power switch failure. 1.Check the power supply. 2.Check the power cord, if there is open circuit, replace or repair. 3.Replacement of insurance tube. 4.Replace the switch.
2 Ultrasonic power display error E1,or mesh surface without vibration 1.The circuit connections between ultrasonic power and generator break. 2.The cable plug into water,or the cable plug into conductive material punctured. 3.Ultrasonic generator fault 1.Use multimeter to check connections,check the cable of the ultrasonic generator,put the multimeter to measure capacitance file,measure the capacitance between the two line,the value should be greater than 4 nf,otherwise it indicates that connecting to the ultrasonic generator at least a wire break. 2.Check the connection plug,if there is open circuit or short circuit,please repair in time,check the cable and plug insulating value,if resistance is less than 1 MΩ,please replace the plug. 3.Detection methods such as 1, 2
3 Ultrasonic drive power supply current is small,mesh surface weak amplitude. 1.Connecting cable and plug insulation value insufficient. 2.Ultrasonic generator hadn’t lock 3.Does screen not taut, or mesh glue open. 4.Some dirt between the oscillator and the mesh rack base. 5.The crack in resonance ring or support cause disorder of frequency. 1.Check the insulation of the cable and plug. 2.Tighten the ultrasonic generator with big board hand . 3.Tighten screen mesh, or retighten screen mesh. 4.Clean the dirt between the oscillator and the mesh rack base. 5.Check the resonance ring.

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