Precautions and safety procedures for the use of cement screw conveyor


Cement screw conveyor machine for inspection.All the same time,always check and clean up the machine shell and other parts of the accumulation or entanglement.Before commissioning the tube screw conveyor, it should first confirm that the machinery and equipment are in good condition, the fasteners and running parts are normal, the connection pipeline is firm and reliable, and the necessary lubrication of the rotating parts is required.
Cement pipe screw conveyors often check the operation of the machine, mainly including whether the motor is overloaded, whether the temperature and temperature of the bearing are within the normal range, and whether loose fasteners are loosened. In particular, attention must be paid to the fact that the spiral blades cannot collide with the chassis. . If abnormal vibration or abnormal noise is heard, stop immediately.

The items to be inspected on a monthly basis for the cement pipe screw conveyor are whether the shaft seal pipe is connected and worn properly, whether the gasket is worn properly, whether the drain line is leaking, and whether the motor gear oil level is normal. The items that should be inspected and maintained every year are Check the oil in the motor gear and replace the grease in other parts. The cement pipe screw conveyor must be started with no load before use, and then run after normal operation. During the operation, the amount of feed should be even and moderate. Excessive feed will cause overload spillage, and too few feeds will reduce the efficiency.
When using screw conveyors, we also need to pay attention to the safe operation procedures of cement screw conveyors:
1. The cover of cement screw conveyor should not be removed when the machine is running to avoid accidents.
2. The occurrence of abnormalities in the operation of cement screw conveyors should be checked and eliminated, and no forced operation is allowed.
3. The cement screw conveyors should always be lubricated with their moving parts.
4. Special attention should be paid to whether the screw between the spiral tube and the coupling shaft is loose. If this phenomenon is found, it should be immediately stopped and corrected.
5. In order to ensure the no-load starting requirements of the screw conveyor, the conveyor should be stopped before stopping, and the material can be stopped after the materials in the casing are completely lost.

6. No bulky material can be mixed into the conveyed material to avoid screw jams and damage to the screw machine.
7. The cement screw conveyor shall be started without load, that is, it starts when there is no material in the casing, and can be fed to the screw machine after starting.
8. Always check the working conditions of the screw machine in use, pay attention to whether the fastening parts are loose, if you find that the parts are loose, you should immediately tighten the screws to re-tighten.
9. When the cement screw conveyor is initially fed, the feeding speed should be gradually increased to reach the rated conveying capacity, and the feeding material should be uniform. Otherwise, it may easily cause the accumulation of conveying material, overload of the drive device, and the entire machine is damaged as soon as possible.
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