Precautions Should be Noticed During Tube Screw Conveyor Conveying Fine Powder


The tube conveyor is a set of continuous conveying equipment that is high efficiency and runs stably and evenly. However, it always happens that the pipe stoppage during transmitting fine power. So here is advice to help you with solving this problem.
1.Operators shall gradually increase the feeding speed until it reach the rated transmission capacity when feeding materials. They should feed the materials evenly, otherwise, it will be easy to cause conveying materials product plugging, drive device overload and even make the whole screw conveyor is premature failure.
2.There should not have hard large size block materials in the conveyed material to avoid screw blade block and damage the tube screw conveyor.
3.Should check and solve the abnormal phenomenon in time during the screw conveyor machine running, should not operate forcibly.
tube screw conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery industry.
4.Check the work status of each screw conveyor component timely during using. Retighten the loose component, if any.
5.Tube screw conveyor system should be started without a load. Start to feed the materials when it’s running smoothly.
6.Lubricate all the moving part of screw conveyor equipment frequently.
7.Forbid taking off the cover when the machine is running in case accidents occur.
8.In order to ensure the screw conveyor restart without a load, we should stop feeding materials first and stop the equipment until there is no materials in the conveying pipe.
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