How to Prevent Materials Stoppage of tube screw conveyor


Materials stoppage is the most common failure of tube screw conveyor, which will affect normal production. The precautions of anti-blocking are as follows:
1. Reasonably choose the technical parameters of tube screw conveyor.
2. Strictly carry out the operating norms, to achieve non-load start and stop, as well as to ensure continuous and evenly feeding.
3. Increase outlet size to solve the difficulty in materials discharging. Meanwhile, install short reverse direction screw blade at the tube end closely to outlet, to prevent materials clogging.
4. Clean up the feeding materials to avoid the large impurity of entrance and fiber impurity into tube screw conveyor system pipe.
tube screw conveyor produced by henan Pk machinery
5. Minimize the lateral dimensions of middle hanger as much as possible to decrease the clogging possibility of the auger conveyor device.
6.Install level detector and clog warning sensor to achieve automatic control and alarm to the auger conveyor.
7.Open an anti-clogging window on the outlet cover plate of the auger conveyor while the stoppage happens, the plugged blocks will break out of the window due to the materials stacking, meanwhile the travel switch will cut off the power.
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