Prevention Measures of Plate Chain Bucket Elevator Casing Wear


1.Extend the discharge time of plate chain bucket elevator buckets, reduce the height of feed opening, downward extend the outlet 500-800 mm, transform the feeding chute, strengthen the external support, commonly it can pour excess stock of hopper.
2.Between the outlet and head wheel of bucket on both sides of the shell,large angle need to install guide chute,the distance between the chain is 10-15 mm,when the material is lifted up to the round radius of head wheel ,the material will overflow from the hopper gradually,most of the material will overflow from the guide groove on both sides.
3.Installing discharging tongue at outlet,using waste belt into the shell,it need 20 mm to the hopper front-end.
4.About the chain plate bucket elevator stop problem caused by pressure material,firstly adjust the operating parameters,let the material throughput of roll press match with the mill feed rate,stabilize the rolling machine cycle,reduce the happening of the flow,let the bucket elevator form stable material flow.
5.About the frequent problems of bucket elevator:bucket crushing,cannot be started, non-return device damage, reducer toothbroken, motor running in high current, most of them are caused by small design capability.Due to the effect of field,generally won't change overall,the motor can be increased 20% power,reducer can be increased one number.These measures can ensure the normal operation of bucket elevator.
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