The working principle and application of circular vibrating screen


Circular vibrating screen is classical and universal screening equipment whose trajectory is circle, because it uses the eccentric shaft or eccentric block as the exciting force; it has the advantages of high efficiency, high screening accuracy, etc.

The working principle and application of circular vibrating screen        Because the circular vibration trajectory of the sieve, materials at the screen surface will flip and move constantly, so the circle screening separator has the following characteristics during work:
1. The underflow materials will move forward and discharged through the sieve;
2. The material stuck in the sieve could be jumped out to prevent clogging of the sieve;
3. High efficiency of screening;
4. The speed of the materials moving along the screen surface will be changed when change the slope angle of the screen sieve; it will improve capacity of the screen machine.
The working principle and application of circular vibrating screen

The screening materials of round sieve sifter are mostly ore material, it has heavy weight and high capacity, and often works at open-air, the working environment is relatively poor, so this screening machine has unique features:
1. The vibration source is motor + vibration exciter;
2. The shock absorber is rubber damping spring;
3. Its sieve is made of high wear-resistant material to withstand the impact and friction of material during operation.
Because of the variety of types, the performance is excellent, circular sieving machine can meet the needs of a variety of production, it has been widely used in many industries of the national economy: the metallurgical industry, coal, mining, electricity, building materials, chemicals and other industries.

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