The working principle and application range of circular vibrating screen


  working principle and application range of circular vibrating screen
  Circular vibrating screen is one of major products in our company, one account of movement locus is similar to roundness ,as a result it was named circular vibrating screen. the main parts of circular vibrating screen are screen box, screen ,at the bottom of the funnel, ,vibrating spring and dynamo . because of the screen surface has 20 degree installation angle benefit material trough the screen rapidly, so the circular vibrating screen has higher screening efficiency .
The working principle of circular vibrating screen:
Principle 1:Eccentric block type
The code name of eccentric block type is YK, when motor running the motor transport to the rotary shaft by saddle coupling ,there are eccentric block on the shaft both ends. the phase angle of them are no difference make the rotary shaft produce inertial centrifugal force. It cooperate with the vibrating spring buffer that between screen box and bottom frame , generate continuous vibrating effect ,reach the screening purpose.
Principle 2:Eccentric shaft type
The code name of eccentric shaft type is YA , eccentric effect of rotation axis, rotation axis has specially process ,makes the shaft will produce inertial centrifugal force during rotation, then reach the vibrating effect. Actually ,the working principle of the eccentric block type and eccentric shaft type are similar, the difference is the device location .

working principle and application range of circular vibrating screen

The application range of circular vibrating screen classify:
1.Mining industry
The circular vibrating screen is widely used for mining industry, can used to screen ore and gravel. due to the ore with large size, circular vibrating screen can be suitable for these characteristic.
2.Coal industry
The coal industry need to screening different size range coal, circular vibrating screen can easily meet needs.
3.Power industry
The power station need burn the coal to produce electricity, different coal can produce different heat when it burning. the power station are strictly to choose the coal size, suitable circular vibrating screen can save many coal resource.
4.Construction industry
The construction industry has high requirement to screening sand and pebble ,our circular vibrating screen is the best choice.
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