Process Requirements Of Trommel Screen


Firstly,the use scope of trommel screen
1. Used for grading and separating the pebbles in the stone yard and separating out the soil and stone powder;
2. Used for separating sand from stone in sand stone yard;
3. In coal industry, it is used for separating coal and coal powder, and washing coal (parts of coal washing machinery);
4. In chemical industry and the mineral processing industry, it is used for sizing and separating small lump, big lump and powdery substances.

display-of-trommel-screenSecondly,the advantages of trommel screen
1. Low angle of installation angle;
2. Small occupying space and convenient for process layout;
3. Sieving canister can be closed, easy to seal dust and dust pollution;
4. Stable operation and low noise;
5. Simple structure and convenient maintenance;
6. High reliability of the machine and less one-time investment;
7. Special screen is adopted to screen,high screening efficiency and long service life.

Thirdly,using precautions of trommel screen
1.When the equipment is running, please ensure that there is no abnormal sound;After running for 2 hours continuously, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 70℃.when doing load test.Start the equipment first, then the ability to load evenly until full load.Not to have an aggressive sound;If you want to do 8 hours continuous operation case, should ensure that the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 70℃;Stop the feed before stopping, and then stop when the material is discharged.The device cannot be adjusted the equipment when it is running
2.Lubrication of the equipment: in the ordinary work, we should always keep the equipment lubrication, and only good maintenance has the long service life of the equipment.
3.Maintenance of equipment:special staff maintenance after parking;equipment maintenance personnel should check the operation condition of the equipment frequently, such as to see whether the solid parts are reliable;whether the rotating part is flexible;regularly remove clutter from your equipment.
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