How to Prolong the Service Life of Stainless Steel Screen Mesh of Vibrating Screen


The screen mesh of vibrating screen can be divided into stainless steel screen mesh, manganese steel screen mesh, slot screen mesh and polyurethane screen mesh, etc. There are many factors influencing the service life of screen mesh, like the processed materials will influence the screen mesh service life. If selecting a correct type of screen mesh at the initial stage of manufacturing, it will greatly improve service life of screen mesh of vibrating screen. We will introduce how to improve the service life of the screen mesh below.

screen mesh of vibrating screen from PK Mining Machinery

1.Regarding the screen mesh, in fact, it consists of many steel strings weaves each other. Normally, the larger the mesh number is, the smaller the hole diameter is, the thinner the steel string is, which makes the screen mesh of vibrating screen machine easier to be corroded. Therefore, generally we advise you to use the NO.304 stainless steel screen mesh.

2.The NO.304 stainless steel screen mesh with the same mesh number can be thick and thin in string diameter. If we want to keep the sifting effect, we should try to select the thick steel string type screen mesh to prolong its service life.

screen mesh of vibrating screen from PK Mining Machinery

3.The users should clean away the impurities from the screen mesh of vibrating screen after working. Many material residues will cake and plug the mesh if we don’t clear the material residues in time. After long time, the remaining materials will get too hard to be cleaned, which influences the screening effect and service life.

4.The users should increased the tensile force when installing the screen mesh onto the screen frame, because the connection position between the screen mesh and frame will generate the gap if the screen mesh is not tensioned enough. Then it will influence the vibrating screen machine service life.

screen mesh of vibrating screen from PK Mining Machinery

5.For the chemical industry, food industry, nonferrous metals industry, the materials has the strong corrosivity to the screen mesh. Please select NO.316L stainless steel screen mesh and its corrosion resistance will be more better.
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