Reason and solution of linear vibrating screen sudden shut-down


 If there are any shut-down during the operation of linear vibrating screen, inspect the power supply first, and check the vibration source - vibration exciter. In the running process, vibration exciter requires synchronization, vibration exciter is produced linear movement by eccentric block, eccentric block is connected with gears and rotates reversely at the same rate. When rotation is perpendicular to the bottom level, eccentric block overlaps, and generate maximum exciting force, in the other direction, the force which is parallel to the bottom direction offsets, resultant force is perpendicular to the floor, it generates a resultant force along the constant linear line, this is the amplitude line of vibrating screen.
If the connection of linear vibration sieve two vibrator shafts occurs problem, making one vibrator ahead or lagging, the two vibrator will be out of sync, the vibration sieve vibrates out of order, or a significant vibration and side swing will occur, and screen frame will occur large reciprocating torsion deformation, causing serious damage in beam. From the test card symmetry location of screen left and right sides of material feeding ends, middle end and discharge end , you can see, the amplitude is not linear, but darts shape. Because of the side panel transverse vibration , the middle part cannot form a straight line, the two sides of the vibration angle varies a lot. Beam frequent fracture, spring bracket fracture, material flow running deviation and spring fracture phenomenon appear on site. This reason is easy to be overlooked, only compared the vibration exciter phase position under static conditions on both sides, you will find out the problem. 
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