The Reason of Scraper Conveyor Chain Wheel Abrasion


Scraper chain conveyor is relying on the chain wheel driving the scraper chain transmission to attain the goal of conveying materials. As the traction component,scraper chain is the core component of the drag chain conveyor. While the head chain wheel and the tail chain wheel which coordinate with scraper chain are of significance as well.

According to the users survey, most of the feedback consequence is regarding the problems of the scraper chain and chain wheel. Moreover,the common problem of chain wheel is abrasion. The reasons are as below:


According to the national design standard, the chain wheel of scraper chain conveyor should be of high tenacity, high strength and high hardness. Besides, the chain wheel will be influenced by working temperature,material character and moisture,etc. Thus, selecting material for chain wheel must very strict. However, some suppliers reduce the cost of production to produce inferior chain wheel in order to meet the price customers demand, leading to heavy abrasion by friction from the chain, what was worse, the chain wheel teeth being snapped.
scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

2.Surface treatment

Referring to the national design standard as well, all the chain wheels of the trough chain conveyor need a surface hardness treatment to meet the working needs before they leave the manufactory, such as quenching treatment, this is the last process but meanwhile is the most important process. The good material without surface hardness treatment will be same as the scrap iron.

3.Large parallelism deviation between head wheel shaft and tail wheel shaft
The main reason of causing this deviation is the installation on-spot, whether it is horizontal conveying or inclined conveying, if the head wheel shaft is not parallel with the tail wheel shaft, the chain will generate side friction to the chain wheel, at the same time, it will cause a friction noise. If we don’t adjust the shafts in time, the wheel teeth will be seriously abraded by friction. Ultimately, the wheel teeth will deform making the scraper chain conveyor can’t work.
scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

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