Reasons of Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt Damage


Corrugated sidewall conveyor is a new type conveyor based on the normal belt conveyor,it has a wider applied range,this kind of belt conveyor adopts a special belt--corrugated sidewall belt. The price of this kind of belt is relatively higher,so a good safeguard maintaining procedure for corrugated sidewall belt is necessary. The damage reasons of corrugated sidewall belt will be as below:
corrugated sidewall conveyor belt fabricaded by Henan PK mining machinery industry
1.The length of baffle is too short. Please adjust the baffle length until the conveying materials become running stable on the belt surface.
2.The skirt side(sidewall) wave crest opening width is not appropriate. The width should be 2/3-3/4 of the corrugated sidewall conveyor belt width. For bulk materials,the width should be narrower. It’s better that make the wave crest shape be a sector shape(the opening direction should go towards the running direction ). At the same time,the opening mouth should be adjustable.
3.The dropping direction of feeding materials is not appropriate. If the dropping direction of materials is inconsonant to belt running direction,it will generate horizontal force. Then the belt abrasion will intensifies, in this case,please adjust the dropping direction of conveying materials.
corrugated sidewall conveyor belt fabricaded by Henan PK mining machinery industry
4.The making material of belt baffle is unsuitable. If the the baffle material is of high hardness or you use the old belt which has already bares the canvas, it will lead to the baffle contacting belt directly,so please select suitable material rubber baffle for the corrugated sidewall conveyor.
5.The conveying materials feeding point is too high. If so,the materials will bounce on the belt when arriving at the belt surface,it will lead to the conveying materials generating a second abrasion to the belt. Therefore, please take a suitable height of feeding point.
6.The dropping speed is not fitted to belt running speed,the conveying materials will slip when they arrive onto the corrugated sidewall conveyor belt surface. This slipping motion will generate a abrasion between the materials and belt surface,thus,please adjust the materials dropping speed to suit to the belt running speed.
corrugated sidewall conveyor belt fabricaded by Henan PK mining machinery industry
7.There exists adhering materials on the return rollers surface,the adhering materials will cause an abrasion to the belt surface, so please clean the return rollers in time.
8.If the return roller stop rotating,there will be a large friction between belt and return roller,please inspect and repair , or replace the broken return roller termly for your sidewall belt conveyor equipment.
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