Regular Maintenance &Lubrication Tips of Plate Chain Vertical Conveyor


TB plate chain bucket elevator is specially designed for vertical displacement of abrasive rough materials. It adopts plate sleeve roller chain as traction component and usually be used to transport material with density not more than 2 t/m3 and temperature within 250℃. TB bucket elevator could reach a capacity of 395m3/h with a vertical displacement of 5~50m.
In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of plate chain, longer life span of the plate chain vertical conveyor, please note the following maintenance regulation:
Regular maintenance
Keep the environment clean clean up the plate chain vertical conveyor body and driving unit regularly;
Check for fasteners to see whether they get loose regularly;
Check if any problems with the electric wires and plugs;
Check if all points are lubricated with enough oil.
Besides,regular lubrication of plate chain vertical elevator please see the following table:


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