How to Replace and Assemble a Belt for Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor


The sidewall belt is the major part of corrugated sidewall conveyor. It is a key component used for carrying and loading materials. This kind of sidewall conveyor belt is a closed rubber loop without joint. The sidewall height, cleat height and cleat pitch depends on conveying materials property and conveyor slant angle.
The method of replacing a belt for corrugated sidewall conveyor: by means of endless belt surrounding conveyor. Here is the details of this measure below:
corrugated sidewall conveyor produced by Henan PK mining machinery industry
1.Unfold the sidewall belt based on the conveyor running direction and place it on the tail of sidewall belt conveyor.
2.Remove the head pulley, carrying roller, tail pulley and bend pinch roller. Then assemble the return roller. Hoist the sidewall belt to the head section of the corrugated sidewall conveyor along the return roller with the crane or chain block(please hoisting it with a cotton tape). Put the transmission pulley through the belt after this step then fix the transmission pulley well.
3.Mount the belt from top to bottom and the installation order is as follows:
top carrying roller -> tail pulley -> bend pinch roller.
4.Mount the accessories of the corrugated sidewall conveyor: non-load sweeper, vibrating sweeper,etc.
corrugated sidewall conveyor produced by Henan PK mining machinery industry
After sidewall belt installation is finished, give the sidewall belt conveyor an inching test to adjust the belt. And then commission the conveyor under the non-load condition to adjust the belt any further so as to avoid off-track problem. Finally we take a load commissioning for several hours, if there is a belt track deviation problem, adjust the belt again until it runs steadily.
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