The requirements of buried scraper conveyor for the material


Buried scraper conveyor is widely used in different industries, including chemical, machinery, metallurgy, light industry, food, medicine, transportation, electricity and so on, to transport powder, granulated and small material.
For the materials transported by scraper conveyor, there are some following requirements:
1.Material bulk density: γ=0.2~1.8t/m3;
2.Material temperature: t<100°C;
3.Material moisture content: For general material, it should not easy to loose after being squeezed into a group by hand; For the material that its adhesiveness and compression will strength with the increase of moisture content, it can not be firmly adhered to the scraper.
4. Material granularity: The granularity of the material is related to its hardness, and the particle, the large size is not suitable for conveying.
5. These material could be transported by scraper conveyor such as pulverized coal, ash, carbon, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, sulfur iron ore, copper concentrate powder, alumina powder, gypsum powder, lime powder, baking soda, urea, activated carbon, sodium chloride, calcium silicate, asbestos powder, synthetic resin, rubber powder, calcium carbide, clay, synthetic fertilizer, granular powder soda powder, pesticide, medicine, wheat, soybean, rice, sugar, starch, crushed charcoal, sawdust, wood chips, polyvinyl alcohol, synthetic detergent, fly ash fertilizer and so on.
buried scraper conveyor
Buried scraper conveyor are not suitable to transported the material with the following characters: high-temperature, toxic, flammable, explosive, abrasion, corrosive, abrasion, corrosive, high-adhesiveness, suspension excellent, flowablity, hardness and brittleness.
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