Requirements of Scraper Chain Conveyor Commissioning and Operating


Scraper chain conveyor is continuous transport equipment, which is used to convey small particle materials and bulk materials. Although the operation method is not complicated, but there should be a reasonable commissioning for scraper chain conveyor equipment before it is put into use so that all aspects of equipment can work well under the best condition.

1.Essentials of operation before commissioning of scraper chain conveyor

Four main focuses: firstly, all the connecting bolts on the drag chain conveyor should be tightened; followed by, clean up all the sundries inside the conveyor casing; next, adding lubricant to the every moving parts; finally, check it out whether the electrical wiring of the equipment is OK or not.

scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

2.Precautions during commissioning

Inspect all aspects of trough chain conveyor and confirm if they are correct; there should be none-load debugging, then none-load saturation test and load test in the end.
It should be noted that the position and status of various components during the debugging process, such as the active sprocket and tail sprocket must clench the wheel teeth with the traction chain of the scraper chain conveyor when working; the initial tension of the traction chain should be moderate adjusted by tension device; all rolling idlers should be flexible, etc.

3.When actual working

If the test to the scraper chain conveyor runs without any problems, actual transfer working will be faultless while operating the conveyor in accordance with the relevant requirements. However, there are still some points need to pay attention to: the conveyed materials should be fed evenly during the operation, please don’t stop and start the conveyor in full load condition; check the bolts connection situation in the casing floor and link plate regularly. Inspect the tightness of traction chain likewise, ensure it can be adjusted and handled promptly immediately there occurs anything abnormal, ensuring the conveyed materials can be transferred smoothly.
drag chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

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