Instruction of rubber belt conveyor roller production line


Automatic Cutting and Beveling Machine Tool for Steel Pipes
Function: Used for cutting and beveling the steel pipe with fixed length.
1.Cutters are fixed and workpiece rotates.
2.Adopts hydraulic driven, smooth cutting feed, higher machining precision.
3.Completing automatic workblank steel pipe cutting feed, positioning, clamping, beveling and cutting , higher production efficiency.
Automatic Machine Tools for Both Ends Hole Turning
Function: Used for processing the both ends synchronously.
1.Adopt hydraulic driven longitudinal and horizontal cutting feed. cutting feed smoothly, higher machining precision.
2.Completing automatic workpiece clamping, positioning, cutting feed and retracting, higher production efficiency.

Automatic CO2 Gas-shielded Dual-torch Auto-welding Machine
Function: Used for inner and outer girth welding for the roller bearing house.
1.Equipped two sets of CO2/MAG weld device, welding the two end at same time, higher weld efficiency.
2.Completing workpiece positioning, clamping, welding and resetting automatically, higher automation level.

Milling Shaft End Centering And Beveling Machine Tool
Function: Used for milling roller shaft end surface, centering and beveling synchronously to achieve a multi-purpose machine.
1.V-type workpiece surface orientation, hydraulic tightening, high accuracy and reliability.
2.Hydraulic pressure station adopts superposition valve system, rapid and reliable movement, stepless speed regulation
Shaft Both End Flat and Groove Milling Machine
Function: Used for groove milling both end of the shaft synchronously.
1.Four sets milling device work at the same time, ensure symmetry requirement of roller shaft groove milling.
2.Workpiece clamping, positioning and cutting feed all adopt hydraulic driven device, smooth cutting feed, high machining precision.
Automatic Machine Tool for Conveyor Roller Press Assembly
Function: Used for the press assembly of roller bearing house,bearing ,seal and dust cover.
1.Dual-end self-limiter press device, press assembly the roller on the center line.
2.Equipped with complete tool head, suitable for assembling all kinds of rollers, wide application.
3.With roller device, do not need human assistance, high safety.

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