The Three Major Reasons which Influence Roller’ Service Life


1.Sealing performance
Many belt conveyor needs to work on the hostile environment with much dust and water,so the sealing must qualify dust prevention and water prevention performance.If the water inflows the bearing, it will corrode the bearing and the dust will damage the bearing,then the rollers service life will become short.
2.Coaxiality of roller shaft
Since there is abrasion for cold drawing shaft during the production,it will lead to the accuracy error,and it is also easy to cause bending during transportation and and leads the coaxiality error,the two side clearance can not be promised,thus the rotary resistance of the shaft become large which will influence the rollers service life.
3.Coaxiality of the bearing housing
The rollers bearing housing is stamping part, and the coordination place withe the drum skin is no need to process and the bearing housing can be directly welded on the drum skin.If there are the problems that the stamping bearing seat is not round or the end face of the coordination with the drum skin is uneven,it will cause the the different axes of the two ends of the bearing seat after welding with the drum skin,which will cause the bearing clearance decreased and rotary resistance increased and the inflexible rotation.