Rotary Vibrating Screen Applied in Silicon Carbide Industry


There are 4 kinds application fields for silicon carbide, that are functional ceramics, high grade refractory material, abrasive material and metallurgical material. Different particle size silicon carbide will be used in different kinds of application field, thus it needs different model of vibrating screen.
Silicon carbide powder vibrating screen
For powder silicon carbide vibrating screen separating, ultrasonic vibrating screen will be adopted. Ultrasonic screen machine is based on normal rotary vibrating screen, adding a ultrasonic generator on screen mesh. The ultrasonic generator generates mechanical wave, driving the screen mesh do three dimensional movement and ultrasonic vibration as well. The combination of the two movement trajectory can solve many screening problems, such as fine material is featured by high precision, high electrostatic, high adsorptiion, large density, little specific gravity etc. Property, which can greatly improve screening efficiency.
Impurity screening in silicon carbide screening industry
Vibrating screen can achieve separating the silicon carbide into different particle size powder, granulate SIC. One rotary vibrating screen can includes 4 layers screen mesh, which can separate out 2~5 kinds range end products, besides, these different range particle sizes are very near. The vibrating screen can quickly separate out and clear up the impurity, continuously deslagging.
In a word, when different silicon carbide particle sizes are required, we can suggest suitable vibrating screen accordingly, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen and gyratory vibrating screen for fine screening; linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen for large particle size silicon carbide screening.
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