Rotary Vibrating Sieve Application in Ceramic Industry


Rotary vibrating sieve is widely used in abrasives, ceramic building materials, industry, food, paper, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental and other industries, here PK Machinery will introduce ceramic industry application as follows:
The requirement for beautiful porcelain calcining process of raw materials is very strict, in the screening process of ceramic materials, the general requirements to the degree of precision fine sieve particles can be used as vibration sieve selection should include many factors such as: the size of structure, proportion, moisture content, viscosity, temperature, handling capacity etc. ceramic materials sieving can choose the following models:
1,three dimensional rotary vibration screen (for small production and high precision)
2, ultrasonic vibration sieve (high screening efficiency)
3, linear vibration sieve (larger production, precision less than rotary vibration sieve)
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