rotational speed of screw conveyor and conveying capacity


The screw conveyor machine is through the rotation of the spiral blades which driven by the motor + gearbox or gear motor, and then pushes the material delivery forward, there are mainly three types of delivery methods for this device, that are horizontal type, inclined type, vertical type, it is often used for transporting powder material, granular material and small bulk material.
show-details-of-screw-conveyorAn important indicator for the spiral conveyor system is the size of the equipment capacity, the design of the delivery volume directly affects the using cost of the equipment and the user's work efficiency, while the speed of screw shaft has a greater impact on the handling capacity for the auger conveyor machine. In general, the screw shaft speed of the screw conveyor speeds up, the production capacity of the conveyor will also improve accordingly; while the delivery volume of the conveyor decreases when speed of the screw shaft is too small. But also its speed should not be too high, because the material will be thrown out owing to the too large centrifugal force when the speed exceeds a certain limit, so that the materials cannot be transported by the screw feeding equipment, thus will affect the normal operation of the screw conveyor.
The speed of the spiral conveying machine is a key factor in determining the transported capacity. Usually there is a principle should be followed by in the selection and design, which is, we have to minimize the screw conveyor speed as far as possible to meet the premise of the amount of delivery. Because when the screw conveyor speed exceeds a certain limit, there will be counterproductive for the screw feeder conveyor; that means the material will be thrown out under a large centrifugal force.
The conveying length of Screw helix conveyor equipment is generally less than 40m, the middle section uses two structures which are hanging bearings, sliding interchangeable device, and they have good wear and tear resistance. So the auger transporting conveyor should be used at low speed when delivery the powder and granular material to ensure that the material delivery position; if it needs to choose a larger spiral diameter according to the size of the material, we can choose a screw conveyor system with a lower screw shaft speed, in the context of maintain the same amount of delivery, to extend the service life of the conveyor machine. There have a great demand on the screw conveyor in different industries such as in the cement, chemicals, coal and others, and it should select different types of screw conveying equipment for a variety of industries, so of course, the speed of the screw conveyor will not be same.
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