Round vibrating screen material accumulation reasons


In the daily use of round vibrating screen, material accumulation phenomenon may occur, according to many years’ experience, PK Machinery summed up the reasons in four aspects:
1.Whether the vibrating screen mesh selection is proper or not, too small mesh will cause a low rate of material passing through the mesh.
2. Check whether the ground level is flat or not, besides, high material inlet will affect the material running track, resulting in material tilting to one side.
3. Check whether the rotary vibrating screen mesh and outlet are horizontal or higher than outlet or not, under normal circumstances, it should be horizontal or 6mm higher, however, the design is not the same according different material discharging outlet.
4.Vibration motor angle is not proper, improper angle adjustment of vibration motor will cause material accumulation, if the angle is small, the material will spread outward quickly on the sieve surface, while if the angle is large, the spreading speed will be slow. In general, the vibration motor angle of the vibrating screen is 45 degrees when it leaves the factory.
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