Scraper conveyor maintenance and inspection standards I


1.Scraper conveyor head ,tail drive
1)There is no welding in the nose, tail, transition slot and bridge.
2)The head stock, tail stock,and transition slot must be tightly connected. Up and down left and right stagger no more than 3mm.
3)The pressure chain device is firmly connected and the wear should not exceed 6mm.
4)The whole sprocket assembly and blind shaft installation meet the requirements of technical documents.
5)The machine head shaft and tail shaft can rote flexibly without any card collision.
2.Scraper chain conveyor mechanical transmission
1)The dimensional accuracy,roughness,center distance,and shape and position tolerance of each hole of the housing should meet the requirements of technical documents.
2)The screw holes,positioning holes,and tables on the casing and coupling cover meet the requirements of technical documents after repair.
3)Bearing no obvious signs of wear,clearance meet the requirements.
4)No obvious plastic deformation fasteners.
5)No damage to parts,no obvious signs of wear and deformation.
6)All seals and organic hoses are updated.
7)When assembling, all parts must be carefully cleaned,no rust can appear ,and no contaminants can be found in the cabinet.
8)The installation and adjustment of each transmission unit meets the requirements of technical documents.
9)Reducer according to the provisions of the injection of lubricants.The hydraulic coupler is used for pressure test and injects the specified variety and volume of medium.
10)The dynamic balance test of brake discs,couplings and couplers meet the requirements of technical documents.
11)There is no leakage of reducer and sprocket assembly.The cooling and lubricating devices are complete and intact with leakage.Complete and intact with no leakage.
12)After the inspection is over,the manpower test is no blocked.
3.Burried scraper conveyor sprocket, tongue, delinker
1)The sprocket tooth surface should be free of cracks or severe wear.The maximum wear of the sprocket supporting horizontal ring chain is not greater than 5mm when the pitch is ≤ 22mm, and not more than 6mm when the pitch is ≥ 22mm (available horizontal circle Place the chain on the sprocket and check the distance between the top surface of the ring and the hub).
2)The sprocket must not have axial turbulence. The clearance between the bilateral chain sprocket and the sides of the rack should meet the design requirements, generally not more than 5mm.
3) There is no deformation in the guard plate and sub-chain device, and there is no card collision phenomenon during operation. There must be no cracks in the tongue and the maximum wear should not exceed 20% of the original thickness.
4)The materials and dimensions of the elastic elements and shear pins of the coupling shall conform to the provisions of the technical documents.
5)scraper conveyor shield without cracks, no deformation, reliable connection.
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