Scraper conveyor maintenance and inspection standards II


4.Scraper conveyor body
1, scraper, chain
(1) Scraper bending deformation shall not be greater than 5mm. The wear length of the double-chain and medium-chain scraper shall not exceed 10mm.
(2) The elongation of the ring chain must not exceed 2% of the design length. Chain ring diameter wear should not exceed 1-2mm.
(3) When assembling old chains, chains with the same degree of wear should be assembled together to ensure the same length of the chain.
(4) The bolts and nuts used to connect the scraper to the chain must have the same type and specifications. The
2, scraper conveyor chute br /> (1) chute plane deformation shall not exceed 4mm.
(2) Welds shall not be welded, and the wear of the middle plate and floor shall not exceed 30% of the design thickness (locally not exceeding 50%).
(3) The connection between the chute and the transitional tank shall not exceed 2mm on the upside down and 4mm on the left or right side.
(4) The chute overlapped part without curling.
(5) The chute connector must not be welded or broken. The hole wear is no more than 10% of the original design.
(6) The width of the upper and lower edges of the chute groove should not exceed 5mm.
(7) The floor of the chute must not be significantly deformed.
Scraper conveyor use maintenance:
(1) The operator should operate according to the instructions of the user.
(2) Make sure that the specified oil filling amount is always maintained in the reducer, and there must be no leakage in the seals.
(3) It should be loaded after the start of the coal, not loaded with start.
(4) Pay attention to check the degree of tension of the scraper chain and find that the slack should be tightly tightened in time.

(5) Regularly inspect each connecting bolt, and it should be complete without looseness, especially the reducer box bolt, reducer and connecting cylinder connecting bolt, connecting tube and motor connecting bolt, scraper chain bolt and so on. If it is found to be missing or loose, it shall be promptly filled and tightened.
(6) Regularly clean the float coal at the nose so as not to bring in the lower groove to increase the resistance. The
(7) Always pay attention to the working conditions of the reducer and find abnormalities, such as excessive noise, excessive temperature rise, and leakage of oil on the sealing surface. During the overhaul, each inspection site should be adjusted as required.
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