Five Reasons of Screen Frame and Screen Box Beam Fractures in Linear Vibrating Screen


The problem of fractures in screen mesh and screen box beam is relatively common for linear vibrating screen. Based on many years’ work experience, our technical personnel summarize five reasons of the fracturing problem according to analyzing the fracturing place. The details are as below:
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

1. The vertical plate supporting both sides of vibrator is too short. As a result, the bearing-stress surface on the vibrating screen mesh sides is narrow, and the stress distribution is too concentrated. Therefore, some of the manufactory extend the supporting sides to reduce fractures in vibrating screen mesh sides.

2. The thickness of side plate of sieve box is small, we can adopt the high quality thick steel plate to instead of the thin one.
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

3. The bolts connecting the exciter to the sieve box sustain non-uniform force. We should adjust the position of the exciter to change the stress state.

4. Beam type selection and the stress intensity is not ideal. Most of the linear vibrating screens use the channel steel as the beam whose stress coefficient is small. But when the vibration screen machine vibrates and gyrates in a certain direction, the generated stress will be greater than the original value. Therefore, the channel steel beam is easy to break.
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

5. Internal stress among the different beams is inconsistent. At present, there are two ways to fix the sieve frame and beam of the linear vibrating screen. One way is to rivet, the other is to weld. The processing technology of riveting is more complicated, but the stress in each beam is more consistent. While the method of welding is simple, but it’s difficult to make the stress in each beam consistent. During the welding for the vibration screen machine, we should pay attention to following the technical rules. When the welding is placed on the platform, it should be corrected and refilled. After welding, warm it up by inputting it into the furnace to eliminate internal stress in beam.
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

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