Screen frame rotation problem during ultrasonic vibration screen operation


Ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is increasingly favored by various industries as a high-precision screening device. However, when it is running, the screen frame is always rotated and not fixed. How can this be solved?
The screen frame is a component that directly screens the material. The stability of the screen frame determines the quality and service life of the device. However, when the Ultrasonic rotating vibrating sieve is loosened and rotated during operation, the user needs to solve it in time. What causes the screen frame to rotate? How can I solve it?
1. Uneven fastening of the ring
The beam ring serves as a vibrating screen device as an integral part of sealing and connecting the upper and lower screen frames. If the tightening of the collar is not uniform, rotation problems of the screen frame may occur during operation of the device.
For this problem, we can periodically check the beam ring to see if the bolt is loose. If it is found, it should be immediately tightened and replaced.
2. Exciting force is too strong
Some users increase the exciting force of the motor in order to increase the output of the equipment and the accuracy of screening. However, due to the different plate thickness and related accessories used in different types of Ultrasonic round vibro sifter equipment, if the excitation force is too strong, load of the equipment and related accessories will be increased, resulting in damage to the equipment or components. Therefore, when the excitation force is too strong, it will cause certain damage to the screen frame and related accessories and cause rotation problems.
For this problem, the user can consult the supplier before adjusting the exciting force of the motor and then adjust the exciting force reasonably;
3. Problems of accessories quality
The accessories attached to the screen frame are the sealing tape and the bundle ring. If the quality is not up to standard, there will be problems such as breakage of the rubber strip and the bundle ring. Once these problems occur, screen frame of the Powder ultrasonic shaking separator will rotate.
For this problem we can choose a regular supplier to ensure the quality of the equipment before selecting the ultrasonic vibrating screen.
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