Screening Accuracy Analysis of Trommel Screen


 Trommel screen is one of widely used screen equipment,according to the structure difference,trommel screen can be divided into shaft trommel screen and shafless trommel screen. regarding the trommel screen,whatever purchase stage or using stage,we should consider the screening accuracy of trommel screen,because the screening accuracy is the quality standard of trommel screen,if the screening accuracy of trommel screen is too low,how do we solve it? Please see below analysis.
1.Unevenly feeding material
In order to increase the capacity,some user will increase the feeding flow rate,it will increase the thickness of material layers on the sieve surface,the material who will across the mesh holes will be resisted by large size material,then the small size material will directly outflow along with the material flow,and mix with the large size material.
Solution:Reduce the feeding rate based on the maximum capacity,the user can adopt the feeding equipment to feed material to the trommel,such as belt feeder,screw feeder,vibrating feeder and so on.
2.The length of trommel screen is not enough
If the length of trommel screen is not enough,after the material come into the trommel screen,the movement time of material on screen surface is too short,so that the material flow has no enough time spread on the sieve surface,it lead to the screening accuracy become low.
Solution:Before purchasing trommel screen,please consider the length of trommel whether is enough,the material is more small,the length of trommel screen is more longer.
3.Material blocking on the sieve surface
Some material has viscidity,it will adhere to to the sieve once they react with the content in the air,then the sieve holes will blocked by material,it will reduce the effect screening surface,as a result,the screening accuracy will reduce.
Solution:Cleaning the material residue on the sieve surface timely,keep the sieve surface clean,or add the cleaning brush device on the trommel screen.
4.The installation angle of trommel screen is too large
The shaft trommel screen has a installation angle,according the material characters,we can select different installation angle,if the installation angle is too large,the material will slip down because of the gravity,so the material movement time is too short on the sieve surface,then the screening accuracy will be low.
5.Screen sieve is damaged
Considering the environment pollution problems,some users will ask the supplier made the trommel screen to be full closed type,if the sieve was damaged,the users can’t find in time,the them screening accuracy will be reduced.
Solution:Opening the sealing cover timely to check the screen sieve whether is no damaged,if the sieves was damaged,please repair or change it in time.
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