The screening material difference between Ultrasonic vibrating screen and common rotary vibrating screen


 1.Ultrasonic vibrating screen is more suitable for process the fine powder material such as carbonized corundum, white corundum, cobalt powder and other powder. The common rotary vibrating screen is also nice to screen the powder material, but it’s still not good enough than the ultrasonic one. It’s broadly used to sieve PVC resin powder, fish meal, rice flour, sugar, quartz sand, flour, iron powder and any other powder materials.
2.Ultrasonic rotary vibrating sieve can be applied to handle the more viscous material. Generally sticky material is easy to cake, impeding the material going through the screen,which lows the device screening efficiency. However, ultrasonic vibrating screen due to the ultrasonic transducer, it can inhibit the material knot, to prevent clogging.

ultrasonic vibrating screen
3. Rotary vibrating screen has a supernal screening efficiency especially in processing the small mesh size material,which is better than the common one. Ultrasonic vibrating screen does better in processing the materials who is less than 300 meshes.
4. In addition to the differences mentioned above, the ultrasonic rotary vibrating machine can also be a single layer type or multi-layer type. A set of intelligent ultrasonic generator can connect with three transducers at the same time and guarantee the processing of material’s physical property unchange.
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