Screw conveyor application ranges and features


1. Screw conveyor is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, food and other department, and it is also applicable for conveying powdery, granular and small lump material. However, material which is perishable, viscous and easy to agglomerate are not suitable.
2. The operation ambient temperature normally at -20~50 degrees Celsius, material temperature is less than 200 degrees Celsius, conveying length is generally less than 40m, while the longest length is no more than 70m.
3. Compared with other transportation equipment, screw conveyor feeder is featured by its simple structure, small cross-section, good sealing performance, it can add multiple intermediate loading and unloading, which can achieve safe and convenient operation and low manufacturing cost. Its disadvantage is that the mechanical wear is serious, low throughput, large power consumption and the material in transportation the process is easy to be broken.
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