Screw conveyor design factors


1. Conveying capacity
Conveying capacity is an important factor to compute the production capacity of screw conveyor design. It is generally given according to the production requirement, but it is closely related to other parameters as well.
2. Screw shaft speed
Rotating speed of the screw shaft has a greater impact on the transport capacity. Generally speaking, the speed of the screw shaft is accelerated, the production capacity of the conveyor is improved, and the speed is too small, so that the conveyor is decreased.
3. Screw blade diameter
Spiral blade diameter is an important parameter of screw conveyor design, which is directly related to the production and structure size of the conveyor.
4. Screw pitch
Screw pitch not only determines the rise angle of the helix, but also determines the slip surface of the material under certain filling coefficient.
5. Tilt angle
The inclination angle of the screw conveyor has an influence on the productivity and the power consumption of the screw conveyor. It is generally reflected in the form of an influence coefficient.
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