Select Proper Material Feeding Equipment of Gyratory Screen


Generally speaking, there will be matched feeding equipment for gyratory vibrating screen in the production line. However, how to control feeding volume to achieve optimum performance and efficiency is a big problem.
Too much material feeding to vibrating screen will cause lower screening efficiency even though the vibrating sieve has large capacity, while if feeding less material, the gyratory screener can not be fully used. Therefore, when feeding materials to vibrating screen, it is necessary to control the volume so as to reach a uniform and moderate situation. In addition, we need also clean and maintain screen surface timely.
Normally, material thickness on screen surface should be no more than 2cm. Gyratory screen screening precision cannot reach requirement if material layer is too thick while screening output cannot meet the demand if material layer is too thin. So we always design the inlet to be open type or gate type in accordance with the real needs. Screening equipment with open type inlet is very convenient for feeding materials while gate type can control screening time, in this case, if feeding too much materials, users can close the gate, thus material can be screened for a long time to reach higher screening precision.
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