Selection tips of grain scraper conveyor scraper pitch


The pitch of the scraper is determined according to the width of the grain scraper chain conveyor trough casing, but it must be adapted to the chain pitch.
If scraper spacing is too large, it will cause the material movement in the machine groove casing relative slip occurs between the material of each layer, thereby increasing the energy consumption, and even disrupt the normal transportation;
If the scraper spacing of grain scraper chain conveyor is too small, it will increase the traction weight and increase energy consumption.
The scraper spacing of is usually equal to the pitch of the chain, when the load is very small, it is also the two times of the chain pitch. At the same time should also consider the material properties, such as viscosity, in conveying viscous material, can every 5~10 a scraper chain pitch to install a special form, in order to remove the material sticking machine groove, and can prevent adhesion most viscous material on the inner wall of the groove casing in the food scraper chain conveyor.
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