Shaft Design


General Considerations

1. To minimize both deflections and stresses, the shaft length should be kept as short as possible and overhangs minimized.
2. A cantilever beam will have a larger deflection than a simply supported (straddle mounted) one for the same length, load, and cross section, so straddle mounting should be used unless a cantilever shaft is dictated by design constraints. (Figure 1 shows a situation in which an overhung section is required for serviceability.)
3. A hollow shaft has a better stiffness/mass ratio (specific stiffness) and higher natural frequencies than a comparably stiff or strong solid shaft, but will be more expensive and larger in diameter.
4. Try to locate stress-raisers away from regions of large bending moment if possible and minimize their effects with generous radii and relief.
5. General low carbon steel is just as good as higher strength steels (since deflection is typical the design limiting issue).
6. Deflections at gears carried on the shaft should not exceed about 0.005 inches and the relative slope between the gears axes should be less than about 0.03 degrees.

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