Solution of Conveyor Belt Deviation in Bucket Elevator


Industrial bucket Elevator is a vertical materials handling equipment using belt or chain as its traction component which has an advantage of large capacity, running smoothly, wearable and stable, etc.
Vertical bucket conveyor is widely used in powder, granular, abrasive and block materials, such as coal ash, slag, limestone, cement raw material, cement clinker, cement, coal and dry clay, etc.
For the belt bucket elevator machine, the belt often deviates, the main reasons are below:
1.The shafts of head pulley and bottom pulley are not installed evenly and straightly.
a)Shafts of head pulley and bottom pulley are not parallel in the same vertical plane;
b)Both drive shafts are mounted in a horizontal position and not in the same vertical plane;
c)Both drive shafts are parallel and unbalanced in the same vertical plane.
industrial bucket elevator
When the above situation occurs, there would be deviation of the belt, the buckets will hit casings and belt dilacerates. We should stop the machine immediately and remove faults.
Shafts of head pulley and bottom pulley should be installed in the same vertical plane and in the horizontal position, the machine centerline height ought to be above 1000mm, vertical deviation can not be over 2mm, while the cumulative deviation can not be over 8mm.
2.Connector of the belt is not even and straight
The edge of belt is not on the same line after connected, one side of belt is tight while another side is loose during operation,this condition would cause a deviation beacuse of the belt moving laterally to the loose side, result in belt clutching edge and dilaceration.
At this moment the bucket elevator should be shut down, level the joints and connection symmetrically.

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