Solution to the Issue of Chain Floating about Scraper Chain Conveyor


The phenomenon of scraper chain conveyor chain floating is common in horizontal type and MZ type scraper chain conveyor. The scraper chain can not be buried in conveyed materials during equipment operation, while it will be lifted by conveyed materials and float on the upper layer of the conveyed materials. The basic operating principle of buried scraper conveyor is disobeyed after chain floating phenomenon happens, which will increase the transmitting resistance and lower the conveying efficiency, resulting in reducing the handling capacity greatly. What was worse, the scraper chain would not work under a normal operating condition. Therefore, the adverse consequence caused by chain floating trouble can't be ignored. PK Machinery offers you effective solutions of figuring the chain floating problem out in drag chain conveyor:

scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

1.About the conveyed materials which is easy to give rise a chain floating fault, we should select a big trough width size casing and sleeve roller chain with heavy weight, slow down operating speed and conveying distance is not proper to be too long.

2.When conveying the materials which is easy to cause chain floating, the scrapers can be 70 degrees tilted welded on the chain and make the scraper chain move close to the trough bottom.

3.In order to take away the conveyed materials in the casing as much as possible and reduce the accumulated materials in the dead angle of the trough chain conveyor, guide rail should not be installed onto the bottom. It is better to equip the scraper chain with several cleaning scraper and adopt arc baffle to seal the dead angle in the head and tail section.

scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

4.For the buried scraper chain conveyor with chain floating malfunction which has been running for a spell, we can equip the bearing shell with pressing plates every other 2-4 meters in the casing to pin the scraper chain to the right place, forcing the chain not to float up.

5.Check the trough bottom to confirm whether there exists curing pressing stratification regularly.

scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

When dealing with floating chain problem, we need to analyze and test the conveyed materials in advance and estimate whether it is possible or to cause a chain floating trouble during the equipment operation or not. Then suitable corresponding preventive measures should be taken in the design stage by scraper chain conveyor manufacture. It is too late to resolve the issue till the scraper chain conveyor machine were put into use for a period of time because it will be much more troublesome and uneconomical.

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