Standard of Selecting Scraper for Scraper Conveyor


Scraper conveyor is a continuous transport equipment with the aid of a moving scraper chain in an enclosed rectangle section shell. Selecting scraper type depends on materials property, conveying casing size and processing requirement. How to design the scraper of a buried scraper conveyor, which is appropriate or not directly affect the materials conveying effect.
1. Regarding the general materials which has a good conveying performance, it’s proper for you to choose a relatively simple structure scraper form for your drag chain scraper conveyor. Such as T1-shaped type, V1-shaped type and O-shaped type, which is popularized widely to use at present.
scaper conveyor produced by henan pk mining machinery industry
2. About the materials which has a big suspension property and a big flowability, it’s better to adopt a quite complex shape scraper form to narrow the inner space and increase the internal materials friction.
3. For the materials with large adhesion, the scraper conveyor should adopt a relatively simple shape form scraper.
4. Concerning the block materials, it’s appropriate as well to choose a simple structure scraper type for your slat chain scraper conveyor.
5. Considering when conveying the large density of materials and choosing large conveying casing, we shall adopt the inclined strut scraper form in order to ensure the strength and rigidity of the scraper.
6. When the scraper chain conveyor transports coal and cinder, the scraper form can be T1-shaped type, T2-shaped type, V-typed type or O-typed type.
scraper conveyor produced by henan pk mining machinery industry
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