Technical Improvement Of Carrier Device



The return segment of the previous sidewall belt conveyor is ordinary parallel lower roller carrier .It is easy to produce a tessellation with the sidewall of the belt. It can also damage the transverse cross wall.Often the conveyor is in use about a year,if the damage of the belt is quite serious, you must change, this brings a lot of loss to the users.

 application-of-sidewall-belt-conveyor  In view of the above situation,we have improved the return segment roller,replace parallel lower rollers with newly designed carrier device.The new type of carrier device consists of two small rollers, nylon elastic ring belts and supports.The underframe of the carrier device is: fixed 2 small rollers, ring nylon straps are set on two small rollers, and a tensioning device on the bracket,thus forming the carrier device.The device is installed on the edge of the sidewall belt, and is used to support the return segment belt.Due to the sidewall don’t contact with the small rollers directly,but contact with the nylon belt directly, and the contact area is large, this overcomes the phenomenon of the sidewall inlaid into the roller.
The carrier device is an unpowered device, which is operated by friction and is operated with the movement of the sidewall belt, and can always stay in contact with the sidewall.I have also developed the double straps wheel,which use with the carrier device.When the belt is running, the straps wheel will reduce the friction damage, increase the service life of the sidewall, and extend the service life of the whole sidewall belt conveyor.
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