Technical improvement of belt bucket elevator


Ⅰ. The shortcomings of existing models
1.1 At the bottom of the machine base to have a larger space between the bucket elevator feed point minimum reference work, the space must be the first to enter the material filling, the filling volume is not small, this part of the material if not regularly give clean replacement, will cause to curdle.
1.2 For the frequent replacement of the variety of bucket elevator, the typical enterprise cannot ever happen again several times a day manual cleaning machine residual materials.
1.3 because the machine has a belt tensioning mechanism, so the relative movement of parts if the seal is not the right. It will cause dust leakage, pollution of the environment. And because the tail wheel shaft in the adjustment and the comparative size of the feed port changes, a little careless. This variable parameter changes will cause the phenomenon of poor feed, causing the opposite conveyor equipment block machine failure.
2.1 Belt bucket elevator has gradually changed from the original cotton fabric substrate improved polyester fibre and nylon base belt, advantages of these two kinds of substrates in addition to long life, the length of the deformation is quite small, which makes the past a bucket main machine for daily maintenance - check adjustment the belt tension, it is not suitable for the. In recent years, the actual use of the situation, the elevator in the tail wheel and rubber compound under the condition of normal use, belt tension is adjusted once a year is enough, so in order to once a year to adjust and design of belt tensioning mechanism is not reasonable expenses (once a year of adjustment the artificial short belt can be tightened). If the tensioning mechanism is cancelled, the frame can be simplified and the dust pollution source can be reduced.
2.2 On the base to cancel the tensioning mechanism, tail wheel axis and the bottom surface of the frame size is fixed, then the original oblique insertion type activity to remove the bottom shell instead of a fixed arc bottom shell, the radius of the arc is bigger than the tail wheel axis to the reference axis from the bucket maximum distance, and the arc bottom from the bucket gap parameter design requirements in the following should be as small as possible. By this improvement, the amount of space filling can be reduced to a very small value.

2.3 We will be the lowest point upward arc cut a chord, the need to ensure a safe distance away from the reference section, which appears at the bottom of a rectangular window frame material, length equal to the cavity width, width is about 120mm, the window design and installation of a ladder, step into a plane for the next steps a movable drawer combination pneumatic discharging gate mechanism. Normal working cylinder pushes forward the step gate gate, close to the planar rectangular window, the process requirements and ensure a good seal, when the elevator is needed to change new materials, the first elevator idling a short time, then stop the machine at this time, the residual material will fall into the machine seat at the bottom of the cylinder after the start time shift gate level plane leave blanking window and down the steps into the feed part of the movable drawer under the window, a residue which falls into the drawer, the cylinder forward again, again to close the window and a movable drawer from the blanking frame, poured out by the artificial classification of memory. At this point, the completion of a material cleaning work, bucket lifting machine to start the delivery of new materials.
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