Technical improvement of cement screw conveyor


Cement screw conveyor in cement plant is continuous conveying cement equipment is very common, mainly because the structure of the screw conveyor is simple, easy in installation, so it is widely used in the past, but the user response situation, the use of screw conveyor in cement production has also exposed many shortcomings.
Ji'ao machinery screw conveyor manufacturer according to a cement plant, the plant using the screw conveyor only bearing device in a year to replace the huge amount of value can reach tens of thousands of dollars, and the motor driving part is easy to be burned, it not only waste cement factory funds, but also influence the normal production of cement plant, the plant for ji'ao machinery reaction were studied, and put forward the improvement measures.
We first to analyze the existing problems about cement screw conveyor: bearing device is mainly a continuous helix supported drink, which is composed of a suspension bearing body, a connecting flange, the sealing device and cup assembled bearing body is composed of two parts, in is arranged between the connecting flange, to pull together with bolts, the bolt tension and weight to both ends of the screw body downward, the connecting flange and a bearing body of unilateral contact, produce dry friction work, bearing body and the connecting flange wear quickly, resulting in bearing scrap.
Drive motor easy to burn out the causes and improvement measures:
Drive motor burnout is mainly caused by the end of the drive roll bearing caused by the bad working environment, bearing end driving device is directly extended to the shell, and is connected with the shell, two rolling bearing which is sealed by a seal ring and a felt combination work between the shaft and the oil seal and felt the gap between the occurrence of dynamic friction, long time operation and felt seal ring and the shaft increases, and the dust into the dust randomly, together with viscous grease, if not timely cleaning, dust and grease the caked Many a little make a mickle. light, causes the bearing failure, heavy motor is burned.

Improved bearing device: the original bearing body is an integral structure, arranged in the rolling bearing with dust cover, both ends of the bearing by labyrinth seal and cover combination dustproof, work, bearing grease sealing ring from seeping into the curve of the gap, so it is difficult to dust into the bearing. Ensure the working environment of the bearing and prolong the service life of the bearing. The original hanging bearing flange is replaced by a flat ends milling shaft, both ends of plane axis respectively in the spiral shaft vent, and connected by milling the hole bolt, the structure is simple and can guarantee the shaft and the spiral axis positioning accuracy, and the maintenance is convenient.
Improved transmission device: the original motor and reducer ZJQ changed to XWD type reducer, high efficiency ratio reducer, transmission ratio, overload resistance and impact, stable and reliable operation, compact structure, by the end of the shell gland and floating ring seal, even if the dust from the spiral body in normal out. It will not affect the operation of the rolling bearing, but does not produce the phenomenon of electrical burn.
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