Technical requirements of rotary vibrating screen


Our company do rotary vibration sieve in the factory before the screen has been installed, customers in the use of a period of time, if you want to replace the screen, is convenient to achieve the sizing screen replacement and does not affect the progress of enterprise screening materials, the following steps are operation, you only need 3 to 5 minutes.
The replacement can achieve circular vibrating screen mesh, the specific steps are as follows:
1. first spread screen in the lower pressure net circle, and then use the tight net ring to bandage the net in the lower pressure net circle, pay attention to not to pull the net too tight, the tension can be smooth.

2. the lower pressure net ring, together with the special vibrating screen mesh of the grading screen, is pressed on the upper pressure net with a bolt, and the bolt should be symmetrical and compacted.
3. finally, the screen body is locked on the right picture on the net ring. Here is the replacement.
According to the material, change the sieve screen which is suitable for sieving. Namely: the replacement of the same or different mesh; replacement materials are the same or different screen.
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