The Abnormal Abrasion and Solution of Conveyor Belt


 The belt conveyor service life is influenced by belt service life,it’s a normal phenomenon for belt abrasion during working,but it’s a serious problem if abnormal abrasion cause abrasion rate become more faster,the belt abrasion can be divided into working surface abrasion,non-working surface and edge abrasion,if adopt corresponding measure to reduce the abnormal abrasion,it can extend belt service life,at the same time,it also save much maintenance cost.
1.Belt working surface abrasion
(1)Conveying Inappropriate material
The belt conveyor manufacture has already considered the material characters when they designing conveyor,they will adopt suitable belt,but some users also will conveying others material in the site,some material with large hardness and large grinding will cause serious abrasion to the belt.
Solution:If want to conveying different belt,please considering specific belt to meet the needs.
(2)Head cleaner cause large pressure to belt
Due to the head cleaner cause large pressure to the belt,it cause a large friction force between head cleaner and belt,so the abrasion rate become faster.
Solution:adjust the scraper height of head cleaner,and adjust the pressure suitably,it’s good that if can achieve the cleaning effect.
(3)The guide chute skit is too hard
In order to prevent the material overflow,there are skirt at the bottom of guide chute,if the skirt is harder than belt,the skirt will cause continuously abrasion to the belt.
Solution:change the suitable skirt material.
2.Belt edge abrasion
The belt edge abrasion is caused by belt running deviation,the installation errors,unequally feeding material will cause belt running deviation,if serious deviation,the belt edge will directly contact roller supports and frame, it will cause friction between them,then the friction cause the abnormal abrasion.
Solution:add more aligning roller sets to prevent belt deviation,add belt deviation switch.
3.Belt non-working surface abrasion
This kind abrasion is because some foreign bodies fall on the belt non-working surface,when the foreign bodies was transported to bend pulley surface,the foreign bodies will be involved between the belt and pulley,then the foreign bodies will cause abrasion to the belt and pulley.
Solution:Install or add plow cleaner at the belt non-working surface.
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