The Abrasion and Cleaning Of Screw Conveyor Blades


 The screw blades(screw conveyor part) are the core parts of the entire conveyer,understanding the abrasion of screw conveyor blade and its cleaning are very important.Because of the special design,screw blades(screw conveyor part) have many surfaces,easy to store dirt and abrasion,Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd suggest:understanding the abrasion of screw conveyor blade and cleaning the blades(screw conveyor part) after use.
screw-conveyor-bladesWhen the screw conveyor blades have no abrasion,against the enclosure,the seal ring supports the drive shaft at the center of the equipment.The screw conveyor shaft spins inside the enclosure,but it is constrained by the enclosure,so the wobble is small.The sealing force on the driving position of the screw conveyor is uniform,so the driver box can be effectively sealed.
After the blades wear down,it will lose the constraint of the shell on the blade when rotate,expanding the swing range.The helical axis will appear a certain slope under gravity,the upper interval between the screw shaft and enclosure will increase,and the lower interval will decrease.The center line of the screw axis is descending,will make the upper interstitial space of the seal enlarge,and will make the lower space of the annulus becomes smaller,the seal and grease ring of the driving position are extruded.Form a bias in rotation,so make the wear of the copper sheath.And the wear of the copper sheath,will further increase the amplitude of the driving axis center line.
When the wear of the blade intensifies,the gap between the top and the enclosure will be further strengthened.When the gaps exceed the effective elasticity of the seal,the residue enters the sealed chamber.The entry of the gravel soil adds to the wear and tear of the seal.Finally, the driver case is contaminated.
There are two main ways of cleaning the blades(screw conveyor part).The first way is to acid removal.The method is:to heat 9 percent of hydrochloric acid to a certain temperature, normally no more than 60 degrees.Next, put the heated hydrochloric acid into the container and put in the spiral blade.A few hours later, users can add the K2Cr2O7 solution to clean it.Finally, rinse the blades with clean water until they are thoroughly cleaned.The second way is to base removal.The method is:pour two percent of the caustic sodium NaOH into the cooling system,then rinse with water.In the practical application of these two approaches,they both have a good cleaning effect on the blades, users can choose according to their own circumstances.
The user must take this job seriously.Long periods hiding dirt not only affect the effects of machine work,also results in a much shorter life span.Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd remind that:cleaning the blades(screw conveyor part) can extend the life of the machine.
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