The Belt Connection Method of Belt Bucket Elevator


Belt bucket elevator consists of the running part (hopper and belt),the upper section with the driving drum, the lower section with the tensioning pulley, the intermediate casing, the driving device, and the reverse brake device, etc .It is applicable to convey the powder, granule and small lumpy , which are unpolished and semi-abrasive scatter able materials and the loose density ρ<1.5t/m3 , such as coal, sand, coke, cement and broken ore , etc.
The belt connection method of belt bucket elevator: screw connection method and cementing method . The connection should meet the requirements listed below:

1.The two ends of the rubber belt shall be cut into the step style according to the corresponding curtain, the length of the joint shall be 1 to 2 times of the width;
2.The adhesive material should have the same elasticity as the belt material;
3.The joint shall be strong and the thickness of the connection joint shall not exceed 5 percent of the belt thickness.
4.The belt curing temperature , belt curing time and the constant temperature cementation shall meet the requirements of the technical documents and the adhesives.
5.When using screws or glued joints, the belt should be connected in the running direction.
6.The belt demand pretension, the pretensioning should be the work tension 1.5-2 times, the pretension continuous time is 24 hours.
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