The common faults and their solution of bucket elevator


Fault one: an abnormal noise during operation
1. Bucket elevator base plate and bucket collision, adjust the base of the elastic device, so that the chain tension.
2. Drive shaft, driven shaft key relaxation, sprocket displacement, bucket collision with the chassis. Adjust the sprocket position, the key tightly.
3 guide plate and bucket collision, trim the guide plate position.
4. The guide plate and the material between the bucket with the bin, magnifying machine seat input angle.
5. Bearing failure, can not be flexible operation, should be replaced bearings.
6. Block or other foreign body stuck in the seat shell, stop qing except foreign body.
7. Sprocket drive, driven sprocket. The tooth shape is not correct, modified sprocket tooth shape or replace the sprocket.
8. Drive sprocket and chain off-tooth bad, correct drive sprocket tooth shape.
9. Drive chain idle, adjust the chain length.
10. Chassis installation is not correct, adjust the full vertical length of the chassis.
Fault 2: motor base vibration
1. The motor itself is poorly rotating, remove the rotor to check the static balance.
2. Reducer and motor installation accuracy is poor, to exceed the standard, to re-adjust.
3. Motor base installation accuracy is not enough, the level of more than the standard requirements, to re-adjust.
4. Drive sprocket installed error, to be readjusted.
5. Drive sprocket bad shape, need to be modified tooth shape.
6. Drive sprocket tightness is not appropriate, should be adjusted.

Fault three: leakage of ash
1. Full-length flange seal gasket damage or leakage pad, replace the new pad, apply sealant, re-tighten the flange bolts.
2. Material from the nose, the seat of the gap at the leak, increase the seal or Tu sealant.
3. Input material height difference is too large, increase the feeding pressure, the need to change the material input method, increase the buffer material feeding.
Fault 4: to enhance the amount of less than expected capacity
1. Materials bonded in the chain bucket and slippery, according to the degree of bonding, in addition to regular qing material.
2. To mention the front bucket elevator mechanical capacity shortage, causing less material input, so that the elevator can not reach the design capability, the need to try to improve the production capacity of the forecourt equipment.
3. Slow increase, need to change the speed of the drive sprocket.
4. Material measurement methods improper, or measurement error, check the meter, check the proportion of materials, re-calculate the calculation method.
Fault five: lack of material discharge
1. Bucket Elevator machinery and equipment at the back of the small capacity to block the slippery clothes, improve the rear of the production capacity of machinery and equipment.
2. The discharge port is too small or slippery angle is not suitable, amend the row slippery.
3. Material attached to the chain bucket and slippery inside, need to regularly remove the material.
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