The debugging of trommel screen


 (A) The preparation before debugging
1. Each component of trommel screen has been installed and checked eligibility, the test run can be carried out. Before test run, each component should be checked in detail and installed as shown in the drawings. Each fastener is strong, and whether there is an obstruction around the sieve body that hinders the running of drum sieve.
 2. Keep the rectangular access door opening, and through the manual turning rotary sieving cylinder to observe whether the comb type screen cleaning mechanism has jammed or rubbed phenomenon. If it has, it can be adjusted by adjusting bolts.
3. Check the bearings block, transmission case to keep good lubrication, and the transmission case’s oil level should be suitable.
4. The power connector should be firm and reliable, well insulated and correctly ground connection.
(B) No-load trial
1. Push the motor control button to check that the motor should be turned in the same direction as the cage type trommel screen.
2. Start the equipment running 4-6 hours, observe the trommel screen operation. If found abnormal sound or other phenomenon, should be promptly shut down to check and find out the reasons, removal of faults.
Test run 4-6 hours should check the following items:
(1) The bearing temperature of the shaft requires that the maximum temperature does not exceed 75 degrees centigrade and the temperature rise does not exceed 45 degrees centigrade.
(2) Check the fastening situation of each binding bolt, found loose should be tightened in time.
(C) Feeding
1. When the sieving machine is in a smooth running condition, start the feeding and discharging equipment. Then commissioning run test.
2. Close the sealed isolation cover after normal discharge (When normal operation, the seal isolation cover should always be in the closed position)
3. Check the size of particle and whether there is no leakage and raise dust situation.
4. Run for half an hour, check each component carefully. Deal with the problems timely if found problems.
5. It is supposed to check the operation situation often during work process. It should promptly stop running to check, find out the reason and removal of fault if abnormal running or abnormal sound is detected.
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