The Difference Between Rubber Seal and Silicone Seal for Vibrating Screen Machine


Generally speaking, the vibrating screen seal is the seal component of the vibrating screen. As an indispensable wearing part in the vibrating screen machine, the sealing ring is to make the connection between the vibrating screen frames closer, preventing the materials leakage and reducing the damage to the screen frame during operation. Common seals are divided into U-type and V-type seal. They are mainly used for the composite screen frame and dust-proof cover.

Seal ring can be divided into rubber seals and silicone seals according to its material. Usually, the rubber seal is the standard configuration for Vibrating screen machine. About silicone seal, it is mainly used for the materials which has special characteristics such as high temperature, oily, corrosive and others.

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Silicone seal has excellent sealing performance. It can be placed at high temperature and will be without deformation and won’t generate harmful substances; the silicone seal has good tensile properties, meanwhile, it has features of corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and so on. Silicone seals also have cold resistance and heat resistance.

About the cold resistance: silicone seal still has good flexibility at -60 °C ~ -70 °C, while ordinary rubber seal can only withstand the temperature of -20 °C ~ -30 °C, some silicone seal of special formulas can endure much lower temperature, which is widely applied in many materials range of the vibrating screen machine.
vibrating screen seeling parts from PK Mining Machinery

About heat resistance: Silicone seal has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber seals. It can be used for a long time at 150 °C without any change in performance. It can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200 °C. It can stand for a period of time at 350 °C. It is widely used in the requirements of heat-resistant occasions, such as: vacuum bottle seal, heatproof handle of pressure cooker.

The seal is a very important part of the vibrating screen machine. small objects also can play a big role, we should select different seals according to the different characteristics of materials when designing.

vibrating screen seeling parts from PK Mining Machinery

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