The difference between the buried scraper conveyor and the scraper conveyor


Buried scraper conveyor is a transport machine which can convey continuously the bulk material by means of a moving scraper chain in a closed rectangular cross-section housing.

Generally speaking, the normal scraper conveyor only can be horizontal or less than 30 degrees of tilt transport, horizontal or less than 30 degrees. In addition to these, Buried scraper conveyor is also capable of large dip and vertical lifting and can be recycled in closed horizontal or vertical planes for compound transport in a horizontal-vertical-horizontal complex path.

The scraper conveyor is driven by each scraper to drive the material forward. While the buried scraper conveyor transports the materials, the scraper chain is buried in the material and is transported together with the material by forming a continuous flow of the whole forward, so it is called "buried scraper conveyor."

buried scraper conveyor

The scraper of the buried scraper conveyor is different from that of the common scraper conveyor. The scraper of the common scraper conveyor is a piece of integral steel plate, and the scraper of the buried scraper conveyor is made of flat steel or bent into a certain shape Made of round steel.

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